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Leesburg Preventative Dentistry

The first step onto the path towards lifelong oral health is learning how to prevent issues. Our office protocol is to begin your preventative care with at least an hour-long appointment.  The dentist will do a comprehensive exam of your teeth, bite, gums and screen for the presence of oral cancer, which can be treated most effectively if it’s caught in its earliest stages.  Additionally you will have an in-depth cleaning by one of our highly skilled and gentle hygienist. Your appointment will include oral hygiene instruction and any necessary discussion about eating or drinking habits that are adversely affecting your oral health. 

In our effort to prevent and detect developing oral health problems, we will try to acquire any recently taken radiographs, or if they’re not available, we will recommend digital radiographs which may include bite-wings, a full mouth series or a panorex. Part of our preventative care may also include fluoride varnish treatments for children and some at-risk adults to strengthen tooth structure and establish an oral environment that is more resistant to decay.

If muscle soreness or excessive wear of one’s teeth from grinding is detected, we can make a custom nightguard to alleviate muscle tenderness and prevent further loss of tooth structure. 

As stated in our office welcome, we strive to give our patients the support and knowledge they need to prevent oral health problems from happening in the first place. Preventive care is a crucial cornerstone of the care we provide, and we want you to be a fully informed partner when it comes to the needs of your oral health.