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Questions to Ask Your Hygienist

February 5, 2018

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dental hygienist and patientWhen you come in for your six-month dentist checkup, there is an important member of my team that sees your first: the dental hygienist. These professionals are highly educated and skilled at helping you maintain your oral health. As such, they are able to answer many questions. They may also be able to help with a concern or problem. As your Leesburg dentist, I’m always available to help, but your dental hygienist is on your side, too. Here are some topics for you to discuss with the hygienist at your next appointment.

Is My Medical Chart Up-to-Date?

Your oral and general health are intertwined. That’s why we need to keep accurate records of your current medications, as well as new general health concerns. Be sure to ask the hygienist to review your chart. Take note of any medications you’re taking that are not mentioned and have them added to the list. This helps us provide the best care and avoid any unnecessary procedure complications.

What Can I Do to Improve My Oral Health?

Even if your teeth and gums are in excellent condition, there may still be some new research or products that can help you take even better care of your mouth. For example, new research shows that chewing gum with Xylitol helps prevent tooth decay. Xylitol actually allows the good bacteria in your mouth to overpopulate the bad bacteria. If there are any other new products or a different cleaning technique that can improve your daily hygiene routine, your dental hygienist can tell you.

What Can We Do about My Tooth Sensitivity?

If you’ve been experiencing tooth sensitivity or pain anywhere in your mouth, then you must mention this to the hygienist. These can be signs of a more serious concern, such as gum disease, bruxism or temporomandibular joint disorder, TMD. On the other hand, the fix may be as simple as flossing well and flushing around a tooth because you have a popcorn husk or strawberry seed trapped below the gum line.

What Can I Do about My Dry Mouth?

Several conditions can cause your mouth to feel dry. It may have something to do with saliva production or a medication you’re taking. Dry mouth can also be a sign of diabetes. Your dental hygienist will alert me to the symptoms. Then I will be able to check and see if there is a concern, and we can talk about what solution is best for you.


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