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Your Family Dentist is Caring for Children’s Smiles

July 21, 2017

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Bring your kids to see the family dentist in Leesburg. Do you remember the name of your very first dentist? Here’s a hint: it wasn’t me. Chances are you called your first dentist Mommy or Daddy. Now that you’re a parent, it’s your job to make sure your children’s smiles are as healthy as they are adorable. Of course, my staff and I are here to help you in every way we can. Think of us as the family dentist in Leesburg that loves taking care of kids’ smiles. Please read on to learn about how you and I can make sure their teeth and gums are healthy.

Caring for Baby Teeth

Baby, or primary, teeth need to be cared for even before that first little tooth erupts through your child’s gums. Whether your baby is bottle or breast fed, take a soft cloth dampened with warm water and wipe their gums after every feeding. This helps to remove sugars that bacteria might grow on.

When that first tooth appears, it’s time to start brushing. Use a soft child’s toothbrush dipped in warm water and gently brush. There’s no need for fluoride toothpaste until your son or daughter is old enough to rinse and spit—usually between the ages of two and three. When you see two teeth touching, it’s time to start flossing. I don’t think you can start this oral health habit too early. Just be extra gentle when flossing along your child’s delicate gum line.

You’ll likely see the two front lower teeth erupt first and then the two upper teeth. The rest of their teeth usually erupt in balanced pairs; for example, top right and top left bicuspids. Their molars will come in last.

Children’s Checkups in Leesburg

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that parents schedule a first visit to the dentist on or before a child is one year old. This early appointment allows me to take a quick look in your child’s mouth to ensure that his or her smile and bite are developing appropriately.

As they mature, their appointments will expand to include an examination of their teeth and gums, because young smiles are also susceptible to decay and gum disease. Only when they are ready do we begin to add standard preventive treatments such as cleanings and digital x-rays. Eventually, I’ll probably want to apply dental sealants to their molars. These hard coatings block decay-causing bacteria from becoming trapped in the pits and grooves of these teeth. Fluoride applications are another preventive measure that I use to help strengthen tooth enamel.

Please Call Me with Any Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s smile, please give me a call. I’ll be glad to talk with you or you can schedule an appointment with your “dentist near me.”

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