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Understanding the Reasons for Tooth Pain

April 17, 2017

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The dentist in Leesburg explains the causes and treatments of tooth pain. If you’ve ever had a toothache, then I don’t need to tell you how painful one can be. Depending on the severity, you may be unable to work or sleep. What causes a toothache? There are a number of possibilities. For example, people with gum disease often experience pain, especially if the disease is advanced. Other times, the discomfort is what’s known as referred pain from a sinus infection that can make the teeth along your upper arch ache. But the most common reason is linked to the nerve that is deep inside a tooth. In this case, the pain is often unbearable and endodontic care or a root canal is required.

The Structure of a Tooth

Deep inside each tooth is a nerve that is well protected by the tooth’s hard outer surface of enamel and the middle layer of dentin. A toothache could be an indication that the nerve is beginning to die or is already dead. This happens as a result of bacterial infection. Bacteria can reach the nerve when there is extensive tooth decay, advanced gum disease, a penetrating crack or a traumatic blow to the face that injures the tooth.

Diagnosing a Toothache

If you or a family member has a toothache, please don’t hesitate to call my office. The front office staff will schedule an appointment as soon as possible. The first thing we’ll do is take a digital x-ray in order to see the interior of the tooth that is painful. Using this image, I’ll be able to make a diagnosis and recommend the appropriate course of treatment.

Endodontic Treatment

If your x-ray shows that the tooth is infected, then a root canal is required. Unfortunately, root canal has an undeserved reputation of begin painful. Actually, the procedure is meant to eliminate the pain of an infected tooth and help you avoid extraction. With modern anesthetics and the option of sedation dentistry, you really shouldn’t feel any discomfort whatsoever.

Once you’re comfortable, I’ll create a small access hole in your tooth through which the infected nerve tissue is removed. Then, a biocompatible substance is inserted and the tooth is sealed. Eventually, I’ll place a dental crown over the tooth that will protect it and restore the tooth’s proper form and function.

Contact Your “Dentist Near Me”

You shouldn’t spend one day enduring the pain of a toothache. Please call my office immediately to schedule an appointment. I am proud to be the Leesburg dentist that you can depend on for immediate and timely care.

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