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Your Dentist Explains Caring for Dentures in Leesburg

September 27, 2016

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Your dentist for dentures in Leesburg.If you have made the choice to use dentures to replace your missing teeth, you are making a wise investment in your smile. Dentures are the convenient, affordable, and effective solution to replace missing teeth. Now, new advancements allow dentures to look and feel more like natural teeth. Not to mention, they are more durable than ever and can last for years with the right care. As your trusted dentist for dentures in Leesburg, I want to see you protect your new smile. I have compiled my most useful tips to help you properly care for your new dentures.

Proper Denture Care

Whenever you handle your dentures, the first thing to remember is to handle with care. While dentures are durable, they are not unbreakable. As a result, always be very careful. It is best to lay a towel down on the counter or floor when handling your dentures. This will provide a protective barrier to a certain extent should they fall.

Although your dentures are not subject to decay, you still need to practice oral hygiene and care for your dentures each day. It is best to use products that are specialized for denture use. This will help to reduce the occurrence of any abrasions. You will need to brush and rinse your dentures daily, but do not use a standard toothpaste. Brushing is important for preventing stains from developing on the dentures. Do not forget to use a soft-bristled brush to cleanse your gums.

When cleaning the dentures, you want to use a denture cleaner. While hand soap or mild dishwashing soap will work if you are in a bind, it is best to use a denture cleaning solution. Choose products that contain the American Dental (ADA) Seal of Acceptance, which means the products are recommended after being evaluated for effectiveness and safety.

To prevent your dentures from losing their shape, you need to prevent them from drying out when you are not wearing them. If your dentures are not in your mouth, they need to be soaking in a denture cleanser or water. If your dentures dry out, they can warp and lose their shape, causing them to fit poorly, leading to discomfort. But, never place your dentures in hot water.

Your Dentist for High-Quality Dentures

Even with the best of care, accidents happen. Through no fault of your own, your dentures may become damaged. Not to mention, the daily use of the dentures will lead to the need for repairs. You should never try to repair the dentures on your own because you can cause permanent damage. With the right care, your dentures can last for years. However, you will need new dentures about every 5 to 7 years, even with the right care.

If your dentures have become damaged, no longer fit properly, or are causing irritation, you need to contact my office to schedule an appointment. We are able to make the necessary repairs or provide you with a new set of dentures if needed.



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