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The Dentist Leesburg Trusts Wants You to have a Healthy Pregnancy

December 9, 2015


Congratulations! Whether you are expecting your first child or your fifth, Dr. David S. Groy and his team of dental hygienists and dental assistants in Leesburg, VA, want to wish you a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy. Actually, by continuing to see Dr. Groy regularly, we can help you and your baby. In addition to your visits to the obstetrician, planning the nursery and adjusting to the idea of motherhood, dental checkups are an important component of maintaining your health during these very special nine months.

During pregnancy, the changes to your body are quite obvious. However, there may be changes in your oral health condition that may not be so easy for you to recognize. Therefore, maintaining your daily oral hygiene routine at home and scheduling regular dental cleanings and exams are critical. A few of the conditions that may develop during pregnancy include:

Pregnancy Gingivitis. The hormonal changes that occur to support a pregnancy can affect the health of your gum tissue. Pregnancy gingivitis is a form of gum disease that many pregnant women experience. Similar to traditional gingivitis—the early stage of gum disease—this condition is likewise marked by red and swollen gums that may bleed when you brush or floss your teeth. Dr. Groy, the Leesburg family dentist, may suggest more frequent cleanings to reverse pregnancy gingivitis and to help you avoid periodontitis, the more advanced stage of gum disease.

Pregnancy Tumors. Completely unrelated to cancer, pregnancy tumors are overgrowths of gum tissue that often occur during the second trimester. These tumors usually appear between your teeth. Sometimes they have a tendency to bleed and while they are harmless, they can be bothersome. Pregnancy tumors usually disappear after delivery, but if they are a problem for you, then speak to Dr. Groy about removing them.

Tooth Decay. Unfortunately, pregnant women are more susceptible to tooth decay. Morning sickness often necessitates eating more carbohydrates—crackers, bread, pasta and the like. If allowed to remain on your teeth, then the sugars in these foods become a feeding ground for bacteria that excrete decay-causing acids. And speaking of acids, morning sickness might increase the amount of acid in your mouth, which can also erode the enamel surface of your teeth. Be sure to brush your teeth at least twice every day and floss between your teeth once daily. Maintaining good oral health habits during pregnancy is important for you and your baby!

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Dr. Groy and his staff at the Leesburg dental office encourage you to schedule a dental checkup during your pregnancy, so we can clean and examine your teeth and gums and answer any questions. Our state-of-the-art dental practice welcomes patients from Leesburg, VA, and the surrounding areas, including Middleburg, Lovettsville, Hamilton, Ashburn, Purcellville, and beyond.

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